Would That The Crows Were Not Assembled In The Nightingale’s Bower! By Ahmad Shah Abdali

Would that the crows were not assembled in the nightingale’s bower!
That loving friends were ever assembled in the parterre of flowers!

When the rose, without the presence of the beloved, may be looked upon,
The eyesight will merely encounter a bed of thorns and brambles.

The garden bloometh in beauty from the face of the beloved;
Then, without her, let not the heart unto the parterre incline!

Those clouds which may not contain the water of beneficence,
Forbid that such clouds should the face of the sky overcast!

When the snaky curls fall all dishevelled round her face,
Save mine own head, I see none other suitable penance to pay.

Since the dark mole upon her cheek is destroyed thereby,
Forbid that the rain of tears should ever her face suffuse!

The countenance of the beloved one is like unto the rose:
Let not autumn affect it: be it ever fresh in the parterre!

The blast of autumn, that scattereth the leaves of the rose—
Would to heaven that blast into the flames could be cast!

The anguish of separation consumeth Aḥmad Shāh’s heart:
O then once more unite him, the company of his friends unto!

Translated By H.G. Raverty, [1868]


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