You do not have to be a published poet or translator to send your version, or to have ever translated a poem before. We welcome submissions from all. You can submit your version to in MS Word or Notepad formats.

Your translated version of poems will be reviewed by professional poets and native speakers of the translated language. We also select best translation for our award.

If your translation is selected by our viewers and polls, we will announce it on our website and other social media pages.

Don’t forget to keep the original poem at the bottom of your file.

Few Tips on Translating Poetry:

Read The Poem Carefully: The first thing you should do is to read the poem carefully and point out the difficult words.

Stay Within the Poem: If you are translating a poem into your language do not get lost in your translation, rather focus on the words of the poet.

Use a Dictionary: Use a dictionary to translate some difficult words. Remember poets often use words that are meant differently than its original meaning.

Know the Poet: Understanding and knowing the poet’s life and his way of writing is the very important. If you know the poet very well then you are able to translate the poem at its best.

For example Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil is considered the most difficult poet ever to understand. Translating and understanding his poems needs deep understanding of religion, social and cultural aspects of life.

Close to Meaning: Try your very best to stay close to the meaning of the poem. Do not change the meaning of words or the theme of the poem.

Take Time: Wonderful translations are always time consuming so give it some time and you will love your work.

Consider it Your Own Poem: When you are translating a poem consider this poem is your own work so try your very best to put all your efforts.

Avoid Common Mistakes: Use a dictionary or Microsoft Word for translation to avoid some common mistakes that other programs like Notepad bypasses.

RumiBalkhi.Com Founder

Faheem Hunarwar (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a former Afghan Diplomat, Economic Advisor, Podcaster, Pioneer Cyclist,  Multilingual Translator and the founder of RumiBalkhi.Com.

Mr. Hunarwar has written several book about the life and poetry of Afghan Poets including Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi Balkhi, Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil, Rabia Balkhi, Khuwaja Abdullah Ansari, Ahmad Shah Abdali, Qahar Asi, Sufi Ashqari and many others.

He was encouraged by his late grand father Habibullah Bulbul a prominent Afghan poet.

He is an active translator of RumiBalkhi.Com and has translated several poems, quatrains, and verses of Famous poets.

Mr. Hunarwar speaks Persian, English, Pashto, Urdu and Russian.

His translations and books can be found in this website. His upcoming book which is about the life and poetry of Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil will be of 3500 pages and is due to be published very soon. He is married and has two children.