To This Degree Is The Heart Affected By The Love Of Laylā, By Ahmad Shah Abdali

To this degree is the heart affected by the love of Laylā,
That Majnūn, for aye, uttereth the praises of Laylā. *

He repeated no other lesson whatever, in this world,
Save that, on the black mole, and the ringlets of Laylā.

This, unto him, is sleep, from pain and anguish free,
That he be occupied, day and night, with thoughts of Laylā.

If, by the sword of anguish, he to death’s agonies be brought,
He grieveth not, so that it be in the presence of Laylā.

Lovers, that cry out, “Laylā! Laylā!” and mourn and bewail—
Kill the body, and make it immortal, by the name of Laylā.

He desireth grief out of excessive woe, but findeth it not:
The lover is ever happy, in grief and sorrow for Laylā.

The whole of his love-pangs will, in a moment, disappear,
When the long sought interview is brought about with Laylā.

Draw near, Aḥmad Shāh! learn thou love from Majnūn!
For he is famous, in the world, for his love of Laylā.

Translated By H.G. Raverty, [1868]


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