May God Annihilate Thee, Thou Fly Of Human Nature! By Ahmad Shah Abdali

May God annihilate thee, thou fly of human nature!
For no one mouth will have been left unpolluted by thy kiss!

Every wound, that may be thy place of alighting upon,
Will for ever be afflicted with the irritation of thine eggs.

Thou deafenest the ears of the whole world, with thy din;
Still thy mouth becometh not mute of its unpleasant buzz.

The whole world, through thee, hath into mere carrion turned;
Yet sorrowfully, and in spite, wringest thou still thine hands. *

O thoughtless man! follow not the nature of the fly!
These seeing eyes of thine from their ophthalmia cure!

Thou art the servant; then do thou the Almighty seek!
Existence, without God, consider utterly valueless and vain!

Take unto thee implicit faith; and scepticism’s dark house,
Thereby shalt thou whiten with the whiteness of its lime.

Lowliness and humility are the height of perfection for thee:
The fiery nature of carnality, from pepper, take thou not!

Thine own original element thou wilt again obtain,
When the neck of thy pride thou shalt from the yoke set free.

Seize thou, O Aḥmad Shāh! the good sword of courage;
And the Hindū temptations of the devil expel from thy breast!

Translated By H.G. Raverty, [1868]


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