I Cry Unto Thee, O God! For I Am Of My Sins And Wickedness Ashamed; By Ahmad Shah Abdali

I cry unto Thee, O God! for I am of my sins and wickedness ashamed;
But hopeless of Thy mercy, no one hath ever, from Thy threshold departed.

Thy goodness and clemency are boundless; and I am of my evil acts ashamed:
’Tis hopeless that any good deeds of mine will avail; but Thy name I’ll my refuge make.

When I my iniquities review, I say, O that I were but a mere blade of grass!
The lusts of the flesh and the Devil are so implanted within me, that, O God! I can nothing do.

Tho’ I strive to the utmost, there’s no escape for me out of the Devil’s evil well:
If it be possible the heart from evil to guard, how shall the eyes be protected?

O Aḥmad! seek thou help from the Almighty, but not from pomp and grandeur’s aid!

Translated By H.G. Raverty, [1868]


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