Desire For Wine By Kamaluddin Wahshi Bafqi

Desire For Wine By Kamaluddin Wahshi Bafqi

Wahshi who always desires for wine
Except driking wine, what else he does
His jar is always full of pure wine
This means that he always has wine in his mind
“Kamaluddin Wahshi Bafqi”

وحشی که همیشه میل ساغر دارد
جز باده کشی چه کار دیگر دارد
پیوسته کدویش ز می ناب پر است
یعنی که مدام باده در سر دارد
“کمال الدین وحشی بافقی”

Poet: Kamaluddin Wahshi Bafqi
Translated By: Faheem Hunarwar
June 8th, 2017
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


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