O Christ, protect me!

O Christ, protect me!
How can I know your power?
Your peace I need now
Branch of fairest flower!

O child of Bethlehem
Please do not be hard!
Ruler of all
On Sunday be my guard.

On Monday, when you judge me
Save me from all harm,
Though angered by your wounds
Stretch out your arm.

On Tuesday, lovely Son
Who never shirked pain
Let the world’s kings stand aside
Be my gain!

On Thursday, God the Father,
Do not deny your face,
Your pain stirs love within me
Seal your grace.

O Trinity, stand by me
Without you we are dust,
On Friday, hold back your anger,
Help us, you must.

On Saturday, save me!
My deeds leave me in danger,
Do not tax me too much,
I am no stranger.

Son of the Father, help me,
Only son most high,
Pardon us, in spite of all,
I cry.

by Aonghus of the Divinity

English version by Gabriel Rosenstock