Then through that dim murkiness

Then through that dim murkiness,
I saw an old man with a radiant face.

“You are the moon!” I called out.
“Where did you come from?”

“I am beyond substance and space.
I am creation’s cause, here to lead you
back to your home. Hold close.
and let my fire consume you. Don’t be afraid
of losing your strength here. This fire
is one which has a spring of eternal water
inside it. As your animal-soul dies,
your new soul will be born.
Live humbly with me, and I will
raise you into majesty.”

He talked more to me in silence,
without using syllables. He gave me
love and light and eyes to see,
and together we set out.

by Hakim Sanai

English version by Coleman Barks
Original Language Persian/Farsi