Sun Rays


O Winebringer, the sun is up. Fill my goblet full of wine.
Hurry, for night will come, and then we’ll have to sleep.

Outside, the doomsayers are announcing the end of the world.
Quick! give us some of Your delicious wine!

If it is fame and glory that you are looking for from the sun,
Then go back to sleep; there is only divine knowledge to its rays.

When Judgment Day arrives and the sky becomes a jug of poor clay,
Make your skull into a clay cup, and fill it with this pitcher’s wine.

Now is not the time to be making small talk with your friends;
Speak only of the cup and of the wine.

Hafiz, get up! Get out of bed. You’ve work to do,
And the worship of wine is all the worthwhile work there is!

by Hafiz

English version by Thomas Rain Crowe
Original Language Persian/Farsi