Inside the hidden nexus (from Jacob’s Journey)

Jacob left Be’er Sheva and set out for Haran. (Genesis 28:10)

Inside the hidden nexus,
from within the sealed secret,
a zohar flashed,
shining as a mirror,
embracing two colors blended together.
Once these two absorbed each other, all colors appeared:
purple, the whole spectrum of colors, flashing, disappearing.
Those rays of color do not wait to be seen;
they merge into the fusion of zohar.

In this zohar dwells the one who dwells.
It provides a name for the one who is concealed and totally unknown.
It is called the Voice of Jacob.
Complete faith in the one who is concealed and totally unknown belongs here.
Here dwells YHVH,
perfection of all sides, above and below.
Here Jacob is found,
perfection of the Patriarchs, linked to all sides.
This zohar is called by the singled-out name:
“Jacob, whom I have chosen
(Isaiah 41:8)
Two names he is called: Jacob and Israel.
At first, Jacob; later, Israel.

The secret of this secret:
First he attained the End of Thought,
the Elucidation of the Written Torah.
She is the Oral Torah, called Be’er;
as it is said:
“Moses began be’er, to explain, the Torah”
(Deuteronomy 1:5)
She is a be’er, a well and an explanation
of the one who is called Sheva, Seven,
as it is written:
“It took him sheva, seven, years to build it”
(1 Kings 6:38)
Sheva is the Mighty Voice,
while the End of Thought is Be’er Sheva.

By: Zohar (Moses de Leon)