Come close… closer… even closer!

Come close... closer..

Come close… closer… even closer!
How long will this hindrance last?
If you are me and I am you,
What is this separation between you and me?
We are the light of God, we are God‛s mirror.
So why do we struggle with ourselves and with one another?
Why does one light escape from another?
Come, release yourself from this ego.
Live in harmony with everyone;
Be friendly with everyone.
If you are by yourself,
You are only one drop, one speck;
Whereas when you bond and unite with everyone,
You are an ocean, you are an ore.
There are many languages but all are the same meaning.
Water in different cups becomes one when the cups are broken and they run as one.

Hz. Mevlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi Rumi