Forever You’re Mine

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Forever You’re Mine

With Your sweet Soul, this soul of mine
has merged as water does with wine.
Who can part the water from the wine,
or me from You when we combine?

You have become my greater self;
how can smallness limit me?
You’ve taken on my being,
how shall I not take on Yours?

Forever, You have claimed me
that forever I may know You’re mine.

Your love has pierced me to the depths,
its ecstasy entwines both bone and nerve.

I rest as a reed flute laid upon Your lips;
as an ancestor of the flute I lie against your breast.
Breathe deeply in me that I may sigh;
Strike upon my strings and tears glisten.

Sweet are my tears and sweet my sighs;
worldly joys I return to the world.
You remain in my inmost Soul
whose depths the mirrored heavens reflect.

O pearl in this mussel shell:
O diamond in my darkest mine!
In You, this honey is dissolved,
O milk of life, so mild, so fine!

Our sweetnesses, all merged in You,
sweeten infant smiles.
You crush me into rose oil, drop by drop;
nor do I complain beneath the press.

In Your sweet pain, pain dissolves,
for I, Your rose, had this intent.
You bade me blossom on Your robe,
and made me for all eyes Your sign.

And when You pour me upon this world,
it blooms in Beauty, fully Divine.

~ Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi Rumi

~Trans. Helminski with Hastie