Discourse 35

Discourse 35

I am amazed by those who know the Koran by heart yet understand nothing of the spiritual states of the Sufis. As the Koran states,

“And do not obey every paltry asserter.”

Look at the slanderers when they read this, they are exactly the ones who will say, “Do not listen to So-and-so, no matter what they say, for they will act the same way against you.”

“Backbiter, going about with slander,

Hinderer of good.”

The Koran is a marvelous magician. It speaks clearly to the ears of the hinderers so that they understand but are not one whit wiser. They don’t even catch an inkling of the Koran’s true delights.

“God has set a seal…”

How wonderfully gracious God is! It sets a seal on those who listen and do not understand, argue and yet learn nothing. God is gracious. Its wrath is gracious, and even Its lock is gracious. But Its lock is nothing next to Its unlocking, for the grace of that is indescribable. If I shatter into pieces, it is through the infinite grace of God’s unlocking.

Beware, do not think I am sick and dying. That is only a veil. My slayer is this grace of God’s and Its incomparableness. The dagger of illness flashes forth to distract the eyes of strangers, so that no profane and defiled eyes can perceive Its secret slaying.