Discourse 64

Discourse 64

Every science learned in this world through study and experiment is the science of bodies. The science acquired by crossing the portal of death is the science of Soul. Knowing about the science of “I am God” is the science of bodies, but to become “I am God” is the science of Soul. To see the light of the lamp and the fire is the science of bodies, to burn in that fire and lamp’s flame is the science of Soul. Everything experienced is the science of Soul, everything based upon knowledge is the science of bodies.

You could also say that the only truth is seeing and vision—all else is the science of fantasy. For example, an architect thinks through and imag ines the building of a school. No matter how correct and accurate the architect’s thoughts, still it is fantasy. It becomes reality only after builders actually raise and construct the school.

Now, there are differences between fantasy and fantasy. The fantasy of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali is superior to the fantasy of the Companions. Between one person’s fantasy and another’s are great differences. An expert architect pictures building a house. Another person who is not an architect also imagines a house.

However, the differences are great because the architect’s fantasy is closer to reality. It is the same in the world of realities and vision, there are differences between one person’s vision and the vision of others.

They say there are seven hundred veils of darkness and seven hundred veils of light. Well,
all the worlds of fantasy are veils of darkness, and all the worlds of realities are veils of light. But between those veils of darkness, there is no knowledge that can grasp their extreme subtlety, and despite the vast and enormous variation between the worlds of realities, those differences can never be comprehended by the mind.