I Will Give Up

I Will Give Up

I will give up anything to win your love
but if you say no,
I will accept and walk away filled with
the sweetness of your denial.

I have come secretly to seize your flame for my soul
I have come to steal from the King’s treasure
but if I do not succeed,
I will accept and walk away knowing
where the gold is hidden.

Play your tricks, pinch my hat if you like
but I will walk away with your golden belt!

Tempted for so long to have a vision of you
I myself have turned into a vision.
You have seized the fortress of my heart,
your love arrows can split even a mountain,
How can my poor heart ever escape them?

I don’t even dare to mention your name
and call you “My Moon”
jealous that others may discover you.

This poem is for the time when you held
the cup before me saying,
“Drink, drink now because if you don’t,
I will pass the wine to someone else.”

~ Rumi