Don’t Take The Cup Away

Don’t Take The Cup Away

Don’t take the cup away from me
before I’ve had enough to drink.
Your promises are charming
but I am not a fool.

Be more giving or I will have to rob you,
you raise your price to discourage me
but I am not naive and won’t give up so easily.

Come out of hiding, open the door and let me in
I am at your mercy, the slave of your smile.

I put on airs to impress you,
even your scolding inflames my passion.

You are the music within music that stole my heart.
If I see beauty it’s because I look through your eyes
but when I come back to myself
I find no one there.

Still you are not content, what more do you want?
My Love, I am your falcon and when I hear your drum
I will spread my wings.

If you offer me your love I’ll be drunk with joy,
but if you do not, I will accept,
lower my head and surrender.

~ Rumi