I Have A Fire For You In My Mouth

I Have A Fire For You In My Mouth

I have a fire for you in my mouth, but I have a hundred seals on my tongue.
The flames which I have in my heart would make one mouthful of both worlds.
Though the entire world should pass away, without the world
I possess the kingdom of a hundred worlds.
Caravans which are loaded with sugar I have in motion for the Egypt of nonexistence.
The drunkenness of love makes me unaware whether I have profit of loss therefrom.
The body’s eye was scattering pearls because of love, till now I have a pearl-scattering soul.
I am not housebound, for like Jesus I have a home in the fourth Heaven.
Thanks be to Him who gives soul to the body; if the soul should depart, yet I have the soul of the soul.
Seek from me that which Shams-e Tabrizi has bestowed, for
I have the same.

Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi


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