Sports Sayings and Quotes

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.
Babe Ruth

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
Michael Jordan

Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.
Dan Gable

To me, it doesn’t matter how good you are. Sport is all about playing and competing.
Ian Botham

You can’t win unless you learn how to lose.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
Heywood Broun

If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?
Vince Lombardi

Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In other words, it is war minus the shooting.
George Orwell

I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.
Mia Hamm

Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.
William Arthur Ward

Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.
Satchel Paige

Just be patient. Let the game come to you. Don’t rush. Be quick, but don’t hurry.
Earl Monroe

Champions keep playing until they get it right.
Billie Jean King

Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.
Mike Singletary

Nobody’s a natural. You work hard to get good and then work to get better. It’s hard to stay on top.
Paul Coffey

The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose.
Ernie Banks

It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.
Vince Lombardi

Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible
Frank L. Gaines

I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.
Bruce Jenner

A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.
Mary Lou Retton

The five Ss of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit, but the greatest of these is spirit.
Ken Doherty

An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.
Emil Zatopek

Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss.
Doug Williams

I’ve learned that something constructive comes from every defeat.
Tom Landry

If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.
Ben Hogan

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.
William James

If at first you don’t succeed, you are running about average.
M.H. Alderson

Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.
Liane Cardes

Pain is only temporary but victory is forever.
Jeremy H.

Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.
Vince Lombardi

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.
Author Unknown

When you put on that jersey, the name on the front is more important then the name on the back.
Author Unknown

Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them
a desire, a dream, a vision.
Muhammad Ali

Love is playing every game as if it’s your last.
Michael Jordan

There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory.
Author Unknown

The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one else is watching.
Anson Dorrance

You and your opponent want the same thing. The only thing that matters is who works the hardest for it.
Author Unknown

You don’t always get what you wish for, you get what you work for.
Author Unknown

The best athletes in the world are those who are willing to push harder then anyone else, and go through more pain then anyone else.
Ashley M.L.

The score never interested me, only the game.
Mae West

You have to give 100 percent in the first half of the game. If that isn’t enough, in the second half, you have to give what’s left.
Yogi Berra

You don’t just want to beat a team. You want to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see your face again.
Mia Hamm

Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points.
Knute Rockne

I’m the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.
Bret Hart

I always turn to the sports section first. The sports page records people’s accomplishments; the front page has nothing but man’s failures.
Earl Warren

Sports is human life in microcosm.
Howard Cosell

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle.
Author Unknown

The more I practice, the luckier I get.
Jerry Barber

I figure practice puts your brains in your muscles.
Sam Snead