Romantic Love Quotes

Hope you have nightmares, because it’s disappointing to wake from a from a dreambut when wake from a nightmare, you’re relieved that it’s not true
Submitted by: Thuy Nguyen

“Forever is not a word…rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there.”
Submitted by: Stephanie

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it all over.”
Submitted by: Meredith

To translate love into lyrics, is an impossible task, cause you’ll know love when you hear it, it all depends on who asks.
Submitted by: Daniel long

Loving a person is loving everything but the person. Being in love with that person is loving everything and that person.
Submitted by: Denise

I knew I loved you when I realized that there was no one else I would rather laugh, cry and make memories with…
Submitted by: S. Zubrinic

I ran up the door, Shut the stairs, Said my pajamas, Put on my prayers, Turned off the bed, and jumped in the light all because he kissed me good night!
Submitted by: Carissa

Many people say, “Don’t ever stay with a guy who makes you cry cause the one who is, wont make you cry”. But I’ve learned that if “one night the moon asked me. If he makes you cry so much why don’t you leave him? I would answer…Moon, could you ever leave your sky?”
Submitted by: Jennifer Wilburn

I have tried to move on but with every guy I feel more and more like I will never be able to replace you. And the sad thing is…I know I have already been replaced
Submitted by: Stephanie

Anyone can say the love someone….It’s loving someone enough to let them go that will prove that love.
Submitted by: Jessica

I loved you so much….but your gone….I think I loved you too much
Submitted by: Jessica

Sometimes all I need is a loving hand to hold and a caring heart to understand
Submitted by: Heather

When you love someone, but they don’t love you, which one is wrong? The person who doesn’t love you or you because you love someone you can’t have?
Submitted by: unknown

To love is a beautiful, mysterious event; do not miss it. Be neither too cautious nor too absorbed. Too many of us reason with our hearts and experience with our heads. It cannot be so. The heart knows no logic beyond need and desire; the head has no senses except the common and the pragmatic. Neither, frankly, is useful in love anyway. Rely on your sixth sense, that little voice within.There is no preparation for or protection from the joy and pain of relationships. They are inseparable twins. One followsanother. And make no mistake, love is not gay abandon; it is to be courageous, to take risks and be disciplined.Author Unknown

I love you more than you can know…I need you more than you will ever know…I care for you more that anyone you know. But you will never know that unless you give me a chance.
Submitted by: unknown

The firmest friendships have been formed in mutual adversity, as iron is most strongly united by the fiercest flame…Charles Caleb

Do everything with so much love in your heartthat you would never want to do it any other way

You’re the one reason I wake up in the morning, you’re the one reason I find a way to smile, you’re the one person that can change everything around when it is going bad
Your eyes, your smile, your everything, your laugh, your look in your eyes when you talk to me. It’s just everything about you that makes me want you even more
Submitted by: unknown

One day you’ll love me, the way I love you. One day you’ll think of me the way I think of you. One day you’ll cry for me, the way I cry for you. One day you’ll want me, but I won’t want you.
Submitted by: Noelle

You know its love when he sees you, not what everyone else sees. When he can say you are beautiful even on your worst day.”
Submitted by: Sportgirl

When I say that I love you I mean the real person inside you but when you say you love me you mean the person you thought you saw when you met me
Submitted by: Edith Gonzalez

The worst part of being in love is to wait for your beloved
Submitted by: Sid

Why Do People Fall In Lovewhy do people fall in love, like little doves.Like trying to find someone to love.Is like trying to find a four leave cloverin a field of cloves.
Submitted by: Jennifer Anctil

Girl looks into boy’s eyes and sees an angel, for she smiles and realizes she has fallen in love.
Submitted by: Amy Kathryn

The worst thing in life is loving your best friend…and having them ask you to ask someone else out…that is pain
Submitted by: Dreamer

For every time that my love has hurt me, and all the wrong that he has done; I find myself angered… but only because my heart still loves him more
Romantic Quote submitted by: George napoleon

I love you so deeply I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice and the way that we touch, I love your warm smile and your kind thoughtful ways and the joy that you bring to my life everyday, I love you today as I have from the start and I’ll love you forever with all of my heart.
Submitted by: Marcella

How do I say goodbye to someone I never had?Why do my tears fall for someone who wasn’t mine?Why is it that I miss someone I was never with?Why do I love someone whose love cannot be mine..?
Submitted by: Jasmine

I just saw you, and you looked amazing.I wanted to talk to you; I wanted you to want to talk to me too.I wanted it to be like old times, but I realized those days are over and you’ve moved on…
Submitted by: Kate

When I’m with you I have fun; when I’m with you I forget all that’s bad.When I’m with you nothing else seems to exist; when I’m with you I feel loved…And it scares me.
Romantic quotes Submitted by: unknown

Love is falling asleep dreaming of the one that makes you smile. Love is waking up smiling about the one you dream of.”
Submitted by: Bubble toes

He was a tall, dark haired, blue eyed strangerHe walked into my life and they said there may be danger He had a walk I will always rememberHe wore a black hat, and I knew he was foreverHe would come into the night and take away my angerHe would leave with the sun and know I will never let his memory linger.
Submitted by: Shelly R. Lilley

Just because one person doesn’t love you don’t mean you should forget about everyone else that does…
Submitted by: Wendy

He doesn’t know what it feels like, loving some one when he doesn’t even know your there. How’s that fair?
romantic quotes Submitted by: Lisa

True love passes all understandings.True love Expresses loyalty.True love hurts but can learn how to mend.True love dreams the highest dreams.True love waits until the stars visit the day.True love seeks good for the other.True love lends forgiveness.True love cries but washes away the pains.True love makes an ignorant boy a mature man.True love softens the heart of a girl to a nurtured woman.True love never lies.True love loves a person until forever.True love sees love even though the hair is white.And most of all…TRUE LOVE never breaks promises, until the vow has been done.
Submitted by: Neoulysses

It’s the little imperfections that make a person beautiful
Submitted by: Brie

You can’t filter perfect ness, but you can filter wrongs and faults; no one ever said love was perfect
Romantic Quotes Submitted by: unknown

So many ways to say “I love you”, but not enough words in the world to say how much’
Submitted by: Jamie

Romance is like an endless ocean. Always flowing but never stops
Submitted by: Anthony

To love is to live with a special sense of meaning, to cherish all that is there. To hold, or be held with that special feeling, to know that they will always care
romantic quotes Submitted by: Bambi Kuntz

To Love is to Risk Not Being Loved In Return, To Hope Is to Risk Pain, To Try Is to Risk Failure….But Risk Must Be TakenBecause the Greatest Hazardin Life Is To Risk Nothing