You Will Break Stones – Magtymguly Pyragy

You Will Break Stones
When your fate wakes up and wealth becomes your companion,
If you bit into a mountain, you would break stones;
If your fate goes wrong and your luck becomes miserable,
Even thin porridge will break your teeth.
If you enter the ocean fearing your death,
What is the benefit of fear for the soul which is going to pass away?
If your life came to an end, your bowl of life is full,
Even the straw of the poppy will break your head.
Listen to all the words of knowledgeable men,
In the far end your falsehood will get you nowhere,
Words of gratitude for good deeds will add years to your life,
A curse will ruin you, and shorten your life.
The soul will be happy for the wise man’s words,
The talent will be ashamed with the work of the fool,
A coward will boast himself a smart person in a big gathering,
But when confronted he will drive anyone mad.
Magtymguly, do not ask for advice from an unintelligent man
Who wandered around in the deserts.
Though he has lived a long life, if you give him a full bowl in a small gathering,
He won’t be able to eat the meal, and break the dish instead.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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