You Will Be Taken Away – Magtymguly Pyragy

You Will Be Taken Away
Oh, son of Adam, you will not stay
In this world, you will be taken away.
All your gathered property, halal or haram,
Will remain after your death,
Whatever way you lead in this world,
People will remember only your good and bad words,
Your amazing eyes and flower-like face
Will wither due to the late frosts.
Your blood will leave your body,
Your bones will be left with no work,
Your soul that stayed in you for years,
Will depart you.
Your spring passed, and winter came,
Supplications and fast should be your only worry,
In this world, your head, your sultan,
Who knows what challenges it will encounter?
The souls that come to this world,
Are all like guests to each other,
People of Hoja and Seit tribes, beys and khans,
They all will die in the end.
Devote yourself to the Almighty,
Do not spend your life in vain,
One day you will be taken to a room
With no windows and doors.
Your home will be left in chaos,
Your palaces and caravanserai will be ruined,
The Creator of the Earth and mankind,
Will remain all alone.
Magtymguly is your real servant,
Keep your tongue from saying inappropriate words,
Your right path on the Day of Judgment
Will be the bridge of Syrat.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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