You Will Be Disclosed – Magtymguly Pyragy

You Will Be Disclosed
Do not confide your secrets in those lacking courage;
They will reveal your secrets, you will be disclosed.
Do not become the neighbor of a robber and a swindler in the village,
They will deprive you of your wealth, thus turn you into a needy man.
Do not befriend the fools,
Never on Earth have a word with cowards.
Do not turn away from your trusted friend,
Whenever you visit him, he will consider you a crown on his head.
If a brave young man falls in love with a good-natured beauty,
And if he desires to see her at least once,
If there is an evil man in between,
He will ruin your good relations with your best friend.
Sufis won’t make mistakes when reading prayers,
All your sins will be forgiven if you get up at dawn,
Never on Earth make rumors or get involved in lewdness,
Otherwise you will encounter the fire of Hell.
Magtymguly, you spread your advice amongst the people,
Never on Earth make friends with the evil-natured,
If God grants you a propitious child,
He will make you younger when you grow old.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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