You Came into Being – Magtymguly Pyragy

You Came into Being
One day your father made love,
From that semen you came into being,
From being water first, you turned into blood,
From blood you turned into flesh.
Almighty gave an order for
The seven parts of your body to be in place,
And for your bones to form,
During nine months and nine hours.
God granted you ears and a mouth,
And a tongue in your mouth,
He gave you intelligence and life,
He gave you eyes and brows.
When young, you found a hand,
When you started walking, you found a path,
When you started speaking, you found a language,
When you started eating, you found food.
When you reached seven, you went to school,
You studied and found your life path,
You fell in love with a girl
When you reached fourteen.
You ate and drank what God provided,
You tried different paths in life,
Your beloved loved you in return,
And you two became engaged.
You turned twenty four,
You matured; you were wild as wind,
You raced a horse; you got armed with a sword,
You became capable of fighting in a battle.
When you turn thirty,
Your head is still hazy,
Thanks to the energy of youth,
You wandered and enjoyed life.
You enjoyed your life to its fill,
You witnessed its devotion,
You stepped into your forties,
You are mature now, fully aware.
You couldn’t reap all the fruits from the garden of your life,
The frosty wind killed your branches,
You reached that age when
You have to be ashamed of your gray beard at the age of fifty.
You reached sixty now,
Your thoughts are all in despair,
Your happy days are over,
No more springs, winter has come.
At seventy, each time you get on your feet saying “Oh, God,”
You have no strength, you fall;
You are old, you cannot work anymore.
Speak, what are you doing?
If you reach eighty,
How will this state of yours pass by?
The rush and high times are over,
You resemble an abandoned, unharvested field.
At ninety words come out wrong,
The color gray is mistaken for black,
Bones get weaker, and porous,
All you have is one hundred thousand issues.
Magtymguly, your life is gone,
You haven’t noticed it as if you were asleep.
What have you done for Allah,
When you reached one hundred?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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