You Are the Sultan, Abdullah – Magtymguly Pyragy

You Are the Sultan, Abdullah
Mazenderan is your land, your country,
You are the sultan of this land, Abdullah,
God, I was lucky for the chance to see him,
You are the basil of those gardens, Abdullah.
Both Baghdad and Turan need your service,
So does Arkach in the north, and Iran in the south,
You are well known in Rome and Europe,
You are the treasure and diamond of Bulgaria, Abdullah.
The Shah of Bulgaria sent you a message,
The Almighty granted you His mercy,
You are blessed by the Prophet’s ummah,
You are the spirit of the spring of life, Abdullah.
Arabia and India are in great need of you,
Turkestan shakes at your high-pitched voice,
Mountainous Georgia sent you many gifts,
You are the supporter of Afghani masters, Abdullah.
You resemble Rustem, the son of Zal,
You are engaged to a fine girl like Hatyja,
Sixty men are in your service,
You are the hero of the world, Abdullah.
The Shah of Turkestan trembles at your order,
All, poor and rich, are in need of you,
Your one word embraces a thousand prayers,
I shall write this destan, Abdullah.
Pyragy is just God’s sinful servant,
No one knows their destiny,
If you wished for beautiful fairies of paradise, they would be around you,
The khan of all young men, Abdullah.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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