You Are So Inspired – Magtymguly Pyragy

You Are So Inspired
Come my soul; look around at this world,
Tell me why you are so inspired.
Is there anyone else in this universe with a mouth like this world’s?
Having revealed your secret, now you have been disclosed.
What would you do if they scold you, you hopeless man,
Saying: “Don’t you have anyone in this world?”
Or due to strong love, not knowing your limits,
You have lost your senses.
If I go to the plains and deserts,
The soul will get excited, the tongue will abound with words,
People are amazed with you, whereas you are amazed by them.
Or have you lost your mind, as well as your consciousness?
Your speech and music are not everlasting,
There is no reliance on your winter or spring,
If you cannot free yourself from this grief on your own,
Why have you fallen into this furnace of sufferings?
Magtymguly, you’ve tried to go along various paths,
You have travelled a lot and spent time with many,
What have you seen in this world, what joys did you have?
By now when you have turned thirty-four?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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