Won’t Know His Path – Magtymguly Pyragy

Won’t Know His Path
If an Indian separates from his companion elephant,
He won’t know that time passed and the destination arrived,
If Karun is apart from his evil intentions,
He won’t be satiated, won’t perceive the world’s treasure.
If a lame man is apart from his cane,
An old man without his companion won’t see his way,
If a brave burning man bites a mountain,
He won’t know a black stone, fog or mudflows.
The signs of Death won’t come to an end beforehand,
The head will not distinguish either feet or hands when it comes across them,
The son of Adam will burn and suffer,
Neither Satan nor the saint will know his intentions.
The hopeless is enamored when his beloved is far away,
When the heart is burning and tears are running from blind eyes,
If Jemshid meets a suffering brave man,
He won’t know Alexander the Great, or Rustem, the son of Zal.
If fortune fails, both eyes will become blind,
The paths of those, who went in search of charity, will be blocked,
A single sin will fester in the soul of a brave man,
He will start cutting with his sword, unaware of his left or right.
Magtymguly, a destan came onto my tongue,
I spent my days and months in sadness and in grief,
I brought my pleas to the top,
He will pass by, not perceiving the months and years.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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