With the Wind – Magtymguly Pyragy

With the Wind
My eyes, my soul, tongue and mind—all four stayed behind,
My soul rose with the wind yearning for my motherland,
Please, I beg you; do not abandon this land,
Enjoy your life, speak to the flowers.
It’s a wonderful place; do not lose your hope,
Do not lose your passion; do not get angry with your country,
Do not ruin your shops, devastate your bazaars,
Stay with the wealth of your body for several days.
You have been a guest at the house of this world,
Do not follow its intentions by being attracted,
It will keep you busy with its thoughts, capturing your mind,
If you do adhere, it will deceive you and always hold you tight.
If you are a servant here, you will be granted the entire world there,
All delicacies of various kinds and freshly prepared food will be yours,
Paradise, the Byrag horse, the fairies of Paradise will be yours,
If you, you poor man, will take the right path.
Fate will leave no one on the land where life once was enjoyed,
A wolf and a sheep don’t get along in the same place,
What’s the use of enormous riches you’ve collected?
Whatever you have given with your own hand will be your only wealth, indeed.
Even if the sky is brought down and spread onto the land,
A wolf won’t be able to catch a lamb.
The courageous fighters won’t be able to support themselves,
An elephant, tied with a single hair, will stand, not being able to move.
Magtymguly, if you fulfill the Divine service,
He, who will comply with the Divine order, will be a real man.
If God himself is present for the council,
Then even a mosquito will be able to argue with an elephant.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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