With the Stones – Magtymguly Pyragy

With the Stones
My heart will say, “I’d like to go far from people,
To walk in the mountains and stones.”
Recalling all my sins and wrongdoings,
I’d like to wash my face with my tears.
I see that everybody is engaged in something.
My heart is preoccupied with sorrow,
I’d like to sit in a remote corner,
Under the trees with my head full of thoughts.
An old world is full of deception,
Humankind is full of dreams,
The world is full of conflicts,
Every person faces hundreds of problems.
Inspired people are in love with God,
The strong and capable won’t meet,
The soul is not at ease, my friends,
One hundred remedies won’t calm it down.
I spent a lot of time in thoughts,
But I don’t know what I achieved with this,
I lost my path being preoccupied with my thoughts,
I wasted all my time with lazy ones.
Don’t waste your life for trifles,
If we wake up the quiescent fate,
Reading prayers at dawn,
I would like to share my laments with the birds.
Magtymguly, if I am granted support,
To find a worthy man to serve him,
The heart will say: “I’d like to be,
A companion to preaching dervishes.”
Magtymguly Pyragy

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