With Embers – Magtymguly Pyragy

With Embers
I have no one to ask to pass my wishes to my beloved,
I am burned down with embers of the fire of love,
Let her come and extinguish the fire with her own hands,
Otherwise, it won’t get extinguished, neither with heavy rain nor ice.
Those who came passed, and left room for those to come in the future,
A coward repealed friendship, but a brave one retained it.
My beloved added more pain to my wound,
Sprinkling salt and pepper on to it.
I won’t find my beloved, but if found, she won’t lend her hand;
My destiny won’t wake up and happiness won’t smile.
Neither my heart will get relaxed, nor will my soul get satisfied,
Until my eyes see the face of my friend.
No one will know what pain and suffering I am going through,
Neither Jesus nor Lukman will find a remedy for that.
He who comes to this world won’t stay; the haze won’t leave the head.
Each time I confront a challenge due to my word.
With much love you will collect the riches of the world,
Striving for a coin, you will hurt the feelings of hundreds.
A world is a river, a body is a raft, and you will turn over,
How long you’ll be along these steppes.
Is there anyone who could
Take at least one piece of wealth with him?
First you all are in grief and in the end everything is ruined,
You’ll get mixed with dust and soil too.
Magtymguly, what is the place you will stay in?
Whose world is it where you are engaged in hard work?
By fate, you’ll go to a grave one span long,
If God is willing, you will receive grave-clothes six arshin long.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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