Will Turn into Black – Magtymguly Pyragy

Will Turn into Black
If you use nut shells and juice of the red poppy
To dye your hair it will turn black.
Keep your soul away from bad, your tongue from gossip,
Otherwise the mirror of your soul will become dirty.
He who intends to commit evil,
Will endanger his deed in both worlds,
Whereas good manners and habits will turn your enemy into a good friend,
But your ill manners will do you only harm.
If a young man uses meaningless words,
He will be ashamed; his head will not be raised,
He who has not even a bit of faith,
Will have a heart like stone and black as night.
Such a human being is isolated from his people and full of sins,
Even a single word will be good for a good-natured man.
You will never know which one is a friend of Allah,
But much gratitude and blessings will bring you success.
Magtymguly, my word is short, but has much meaning.
It means nothing for a fool, but it has high value for the clever one.
One land is different from the other, as one man is not like the other.
But the problem is that when they talk they all sound equal.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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