Will Throw Stones upon You – Magtymguly Pyragy

Will Throw Stones upon You
If you talk for an hour with a fool,
Beware, he might not be able to keep your secret,
If you become friends with a faithless beloved one,
You will lose all your teeth because of grief.
A fool will not be able to stand a prosperous life for five days,
A lizard will not be able to swallow the dead dragon.
Remember, the friendship with a bear will not last long,
If it gets angry, it will throw stones upon your head.
A shepherd of a donkey won’t recognize a horse,
A generous one will be recognized among his people, but a just one will be recognized in a council,
A horse will be recognized by the field, whereas respect will be valued by a guest,
A son of a generous man will treat you generously.
A young man’s goal is to have a beloved, a sword and a horse,
A cowardly man will bring disgrace to his people,
If an evil-natured man finds a fight in his village,
He will throw endless fists upon a brave son’s head.
Magtymguly says that the leader of the young men
Will have many devoted friends in the gathering,
The wives of the young men in battle
Will put their heads with dignity on the battlefield.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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