Will Not Come – Magtymguly Pyragy

Will Not Come
Oh fate, will the prosperous wheel of yours,
Come close and turn towards us?
Due to you so many bodies of brave men are put into graves,
Won’t the Earth finally become conscious and be filled?
Oh, world, this bad habit of yours to take turns,
Turned the color of your teeth red because of blood,
So your acts remind us of a friendship between a goat and a wolf,
Won’t there be time when a man in grief is happy, and the one who is crying is joyful?
You can mow down grass without a sickle, cut with no saber,
When slaughtering an animal you can skin it without your fist, hang it up without a rope,
You’ll unexpectedly attack a weak man,
Won’t he, who fights down a man, keep him underneath and not get off?
Fate will win regardless of whether you like it or fight it,
Straightening your body, stretching your wings,
Persuading a man to take death,
Won’t he wither and turn yellow with fear?
Magtymguly, every morning, every dawn
Don’t stay away from complaints and prayers,
If idols fulfill the wishes of the idolaters,
Won’t he, who prays to the Almighty, get his wishes granted?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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