Why I’M Glad By Edgar Albert Guest

Why I’M Glad

I’M glad I have a wife at home
That’s patient, kind and true;
I ‘m glad a little tot of three
At home waits for me, too;
I ‘m glad that I can see them both,
And hear them when they speak,
I ‘m glad that every night I feel
Their kisses on my cheek.

I ‘m glad that I am well and strong,
I ‘m glad that I can walk
And breathe the morning Springtime air,
I ‘m glad that I can talk;
I ‘m glad that I have friends who smile
A greeting when I come,
And I am glad that I can be
Each day a friend to some.

I ‘m glad that I have work to do,
And splendid books to read,
I ‘m glad that I can sleep at night,
I ‘m glad that I’ve a creed
Sustaining me in times of woe,
That soothes me when I grieve;
And I am glad that there ‘s a God
In Whom I still believe.

I ‘m glad that I can laugh and sing,
I ‘m glad that I can play;
I ‘m even glad that I can eat
Three hearty meals a day.
I ‘m glad that life is as it is,
I ‘m glad my wants are small,
I ‘m glad for, oh, so many things,
I cannot name them all.


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