Where’s Mamma By Edgar Albert Guest

Where’s Mamma

Comes in flying from the street;
‘Where’s Mamma?’
Friend or stranger thus he’ll greet:
‘Where’s Mamma?’
Doesn’t want to say hello,
Home from school or play he’ll go
Straight to what he wants to know:
‘Where’s Mamma?’

Many times a day he’ll shout,
‘Where’s Mamma?’
Seems afraid that she’s gone out;
‘Where’s Mamma?’
Is his first thought at the door-
She’s the one he’s looking for,
And he questions o’er and o’er,
‘Where’s Mamma?’

Can’t be happy till he knows:
‘Where’s Mamma?’
So he begs us to disclose
‘Where’s Mamma?’
And it often seems to me,
As I hear his anxious plea,
That no sweeter phrase can be:
‘Where’s Mamma?’

Like to hear it day by day;
‘Where’s Mamma?’
Loveliest phrase that lips can say:
‘Where’s Mamma?’
And I pray as time shall flow,
And the long years come and go,
That he’ll always want to know
‘Where’s Mamma?’

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