When Gathered – Magtymguly Pyragy

When Gathered
The more slaps the world is given the more turbulent it will become.
When will the soul become relaxed and gathered together?
Be engaged in the work needed in the hereafter, distance yourself from the rest;
Was there anyone who could keep this world? It shall pass away, turning to mud.
Where is Benijan who used to cut mountains with his nails,
And Suleyman whose orders were adhered to by water and wind,
Where is Iskender, the brave wrestler Rustem,
In whose name are you going to rule the world?
We’re tired of this day’s merciless life,
With too much time, no hindering — just a useless day,
In childhood, in youth, your day goes happily;
In your old age it makes you fall into deep grief.
It is common knowledge, that those who come will leave.
Those who know what they got themselves involved in, know what is needed where they go.
Those ignorant ones who relaxed in sleep with no concerns,
What a disaster, they went with their hands empty, with demerits.
Could you find the courageous truth,
Then use its dust as stibium for your eyes?
The grief of your sin as deep as the waters of the Red Sea,
Dried out by a real penance, being a true remedy of it.
First you should set your good intention,
Search for hopes in every corner,
Using your knowledge, always say good words,
If you do not find good words, then sit, not uttering a word.
Magtymguly, don’t forget the name of Allah,
Be patient when you confront bad and be thankful when good is happening,
Visit a cemetery and think about it,
There are so many people of glory mixed in with the soil.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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