Welcoming The New Year By Edgar Albert Guest

Welcoming The New Year

At 10 p. m.
COME, let us make merry with innocent mirth,
Let us drink to the year that is dying;
Let us wish one another the best that’s on earth,
Now quickly, the moments are flying.
Here waiter! Come, fill up the glasses again,
Tonight we are here to be merry,
Forgot are the grief and the trouble and pain
That the old fellow brought in his ferry.
Nothing boisterous here, as we chat and we drink
At the table we’ve rented for folly,
But in friendship this evening our glasses we clink,
To welcome the year and be jolly.

At 11 p. m.
Some old-fashioned folks stay at home to be gay
Where ther’sh never an orchestra playing,
But I like the thrill of a modern cafe,
I believe in all customs obeying.
Then here’s to ush all at the table tonight,
May the New Year bring nothing but gladness,
And cheeks that are rosy and eyes that are bright,
And may we know none of its badness.
Now, waiter, just fill up thoshe glasses again,
May you never know sad melancholy,
May the year that is coming bring you little rain,
May you always succeed and be jolly.

At 12 m.
Ish a Happy New Year! May you alwaysh be gay!
Whoopee! for zhe New Year (hic) arriving;
Do youshe fellersh know what I’m trying to sha?
Do youshe get (hic) at what I am driving?
Ish all right now fellersh, lesh fill up zhe glass,
(Hic) I like yesh and I want t’ show it.
Yesh mighty fine fellersh. (Hic) Yesh all first class
And I want zhe New Year to know it.
Hersh a happy New Year. Whoopee for yesh all 1
May yesh never go wrong with yersh folly,
May long be yersh daysh on thish tresh-shiul ball
And may every shecund be jolly.


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