Wake Up They Said – Magtymguly Pyragy

“Wake Up!” – They Said
Once in mid night when I was sleeping,
Four horsemen came, “Wake up!” they said,
“We have a message to you at this moment,
We’d like you to go, see those brave men.”
At seeing those four brave men,
My heart’s beat sped up, my head got dizzy,
The two men standing by my side ordered:
“Don’t stand here, my son, go over there.”
Those two men held me by my arms,
Taking me away from where I stood,
There came a signal then to me,
“Keep quiet and stand steady!” they said.
We hardly sat, and then two white-headed elderly men arrived,
With tears running down their cheeks, with prayers whispered from their lips,
Six men more came on foot, shouting,
“Here they are! Now, look at the people coming!” – They said.
Four more horsemen came, all dressed in green,
With green canes, and stallions black,
“The room for the council is too small,
For the people are many – set it wider then,” they said.
They saw sixty other riders approaching from afar,
All greeted a man, saying “Mohammad!”
Each inquiring about his health,
“Do not stay here, let’s go to the large room!” they said.
We were put behind a rider on a saddle,
Quietly they entered the room, stood waiting,
Finally all gathered and the council started,
“Young man,” they said, “Come join us.”
“This is Ali” – they said, he shook my hand,
He took a palliasse from under me,
And poured I knew not what upon my head:
“Live the life you’re destined for!” they said.
I asked Haidar to introduce all of them to me one by one,
“That one is our dear Prophet, don’t shun him,
That’s Eslim Hoja, there’s Baba Zuryat,
Here’s Veys–al–Karani, do not forget!” – They said.
“That’s Bahauddin, also a famous one,
Here is Zengi Baba, famed beyond comparison,
And next, leaning on each other are the Four Companions,
“So, speak up, let your intention be known to us,” they said.
Suddenly some young and elderly also present there said,
“Why not give a blessing to this young man –
This is all you have to know,” they said,
“These are one hundred twenty four thousand prophets and companions,”
Now the Prophet said, “Oh, Shahymerdan,
Oh, Eslim Hoja, Oh, Selman Baba,
Abu Bakr Siddiq, or Omar, Osman
Grant the wish of this young man,” he said.
Eslim and Baba Salman ordered a brave man,
They poured a cup of liquid, which made me suffer,
I lay down there swooning and with no motion,
“See what’s there on earth and Heaven” – they said.
I turned into wind and reached earth’s core,
My view reached the Heaven’s belt,
“The secrets of the Almighty in the universe of angels –
All have to be seen by you”- They said.
Whatever I wished I could reach,
Wherever I looked I could view,
Lying down peacefully in the state I was in,
With saliva on my face, “Wake up!” they said.
The Prophet said “Come on, companions,
Give him your blessings and see this young man off,”
And he ordered the four horsemen,
“Take him back to where he has come from!” –he said.
Thus Magtymguly woke up, opened his eyes,
He wondered what thoughts had gone through his mind,
With white foam around his mouth resembling a baby camel just breastfed,
“Go, young man, may God be your companion,” they said.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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