Until He Knows What It Means – Magtymguly Pyragy

Until He Knows What It Means
An ignorant person will laugh at the wise word,
Until he knows what it means.
The top of the mountain will be covered with fog,
Until the wind blows from the Hazar.
A wise man won’t drink wine,
No one will abandon a good nation,
The Creator won’t forgive his sinful one,
Until he shows his devotion to the Quran.
A Sufi will speak his word of wisdom,
A wretched coward will care for his own sin,
A camel will cry going out into the desert,
Until she finds her baby colt.
The snow will remain on the mountain,
A coward won’t do people’s work,
A brave fellow won’t stop worrying,
Until he marries a beauty of his heart.
An old man will consider his time,
An infidel will be grief-stricken,
Courageous men will always cry,
Until they find a true brave companion.
The life boat will sink into mud,
Its suffering will grow day by day,
A vindictive young man will keep his grievance,
Until he has had his revenge.
No one will stay in this world forever,
Fate won’t be our companion.
A young child won’t be appreciated
Until he plays and laughs for a while.
Everyone wants to marry a beauty,
But her choice depends on God’s will.
A brave man is impatient,
Until he embraces his beloved.
How many evils will be seen?
How many good or bad words will be spoken?
The hunters will keep going to the mountains,
Until they become very old.
My name became famous,
It will go from one tongue to another,
Magtymguly, land onto a flower,
Until it drops and withers due to the cold.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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