Turned Out to Be Sandy – Magtymguly Pyragy

Turned Out to Be Sandy
Oh, Allah, what a phenomenon is this?
What I thought to be a pure drink, turned out to contain sand,
What a bad, ungodly, unlucky fate it is,
Whatever I eat as halal turns out to be bad.
No one will know my secret even if he kills himself,
If poor people get to know, it’s thanks to God,
Happiness, joyful life to enjoy,
The one who is my companion turns out to be very sad.
I’m used to being distressed and to be in grief,
I’ve nobody to talk to and share my problems with,
I went to a side of the village asking for a house,
Whoever I met there was either numb or speechless.
Whoever I stretch out my hands to would complain about me,
Whoever I share my secret with would spread it easily around,
Those whom I consider poor and take mercy on,
Turned out to be stronger than a giant.
Magtymguly, whatever I’ve seen is hard to count,
Those to whom I stretched out my hands in hope,
Those whose village I visited, hoping for a brave man indeed,
Turned out to be …
Magtymguly Pyragy

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