Trustful Ma By Edgar Albert Guest

Trustful Ma

Ma has every confidence in Pa,
She says she knows he always does what’s right,
He’s not at all like some folks’ husbands are,
Whose conduct very often is a fright.
She says that she can trust him anywhere
An’ know he’d never think of doing wrong,
But when he meets a widow, young an’ fair,
Ma never leaves them chatting very long.

Ma never has a single doubt of Pa,
An’ she is very thankful, too, for that;
She says she knows he’d never go too far,
Besides, he’s growing old an’ bald an’ fat.
But just the same when we have friends for tea,
An’ Ma has shown ’em where their places are,
Although she trusts him most implicitly
She never puts the pretty girls by Pa.


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