Towards Us – Magtymguly Pyragy

Towards Us
If only we get a chance to set out, God willing,
Wish for the people to move towards us.
If we enter the floods with the support of Noah,
Please, bless us, looking at the ocean.
If only old mountains bow their heads to let us cross,
If the morning wind comes and takes my wishes to my beloved,
If it comes back to bring me a message from my beloved,
And being inspired I write her name into my destan.
My soul is in deep mud due to my old age,
The fate has intentionally sold my destiny,
It closed its eyes, and shot fifty bullets at me,
They came and settled down in my soul.
I’m Mejnun in love for Mengli,
But even she doesn’t think how I suffer from it,
Having learned from the love stories of Perhat and Shirin, Zohre and Tahyr,
I have turned into a butterfly myself.
Indian birthmarks like drops of water beautify her flower-like face,
I’m moaning, my groan turned into screaming anger,
Due to long separation my liver is torn apart,
The news about my grief reached even Iran.
Magtymguly, don’t forget your nation,
If your tongue seems too long, shorten it.
If your wish is to travel, then tighten your belt,
Merchants will go to Mazanderan.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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