Today – Magtymguly Pyragy

Venus star rose in the sky,
It is a happy time for a true man in love today.
The flower of the world burst into bloom,
The whole world is full of sweet basil today.
Each time when a nightingale sings its songs,
The flower is iridescent under the wind,
If you are in love, do remember it,
That your beloved is your victim today.
The words are sweet like sugar,
The world is full of flowers,
Your embrace resembles a garden,
Young men want to become gardeners today.
If you want to pick up a bouquet of flowers,
If you want to enter the garden,
If you want to hear news about me,
My tongue speaks like a parrot today.
The mountain tops are covered with mist,
Flowers grow in their valleys,
There is a decree from a fair shah today,
Who defeated a coward at every breath.
The people are a continuation of their brave men,
They won’t leave their prey to lions or wolves,
Pyragy’s words are like a remedy today,
For the pain of a man who is truly in love.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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