To the Top of the Heavens – Magtymguly Pyragy

To the Top of the Heavens
Oh, Ahmet Shah, your fame spreads all over the earth,
Your name will reach the top of the heavens,
Whoever comes is on your side, those who don’t become your game
Climb the stairs of greatness, step by step.
Invade Iran, lead the army,
Let your crown sit strong on your head,
You are the king of the lions in the Humayun Mountains,
You are like a giant fish in a raging river.
You are the lion, longing for a hunt in the forests,
You are the brain of the Byzantine Empire, one of the giants,
You are the one who can withstand the arrow of the son of Zal,
You are known to the misfortunate like the son of Gushtasp.
If your aim is Iran, your origin is Turan,
Your friends are pleased with your work, and your enemies are surprised,
Your fate will grant you luck, success will be with you,
If you concentrate your merciful look in one place.
Pyragy says, you will bring success to the religion,
You are the King of Kings, a pillar of Islam,
Make the land of Iran obey your orders,
This is my prayer to the Almighty days and nights.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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