This Torment – Magtymguly Pyragy

This Torment
I have travelled and wandered a lot due to the fire of love,
What a disaster; who is able to tolerate this torment?
If the flame of love is brought to the sky,
Even the skies will shatter under the load of this torment.
The candles won’t light up if there are no signs of love,
Even birds and wolves shed tears when in love,
High and mighty mountains droop their heads downward,
Even the stones will melt unable to tolerate this torment.
If there was a brave man who was able to carry this load of love,
Then the fate on seeing that would get scared and turbulent.
When the bowels of the Earth begin to move and shudder,
Even the desert will not survive, unable to tolerate this torment.
Paradise ran away to the highest level of Heaven,
Hell hid deep, scared under the layers of the ground.
The river ran away, taking people along,
For four hundred years this torment has been suffered.
Magtymguly, if you have to tolerate this suffering from the very start,
Do not riot; do not complain about your life.
The death and separation is the custom given us since old times,
This torment is bequeathed to us by our fathers.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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