This Soul By Andrew Colliver

This Soul by Andrew Colliver

Says Abu Sa’id Ibn Abi’l-Khayr:
These souls know
one another by smell,
like horses.
This is how I listen now:
leaning in to hear a
resonance that swells
into the soundless.
This is how I look now:
with eyes wide for a line
that curves in to touch
the infinite.
This is how I speak now:
knowing that every word
tells of ignorance and is relieved
only by silence.
This is how I feel:
by the heft of unnameable
currents dispersing
into weightlessness.
And for all the seismic shifts,
there is no difference
I can speak of;
For all the geological upheavals,
the rivers are still slow
through the low hills.
Nothing but a solitary sky
and a scent that will not
leave my nostrils.


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