This Deed – Magtymguly Pyragy

This Deed
Oh, man, don’t show courage for a bad deed.
A day will come when they will put this deed of yours in front of you,
Do not adhere to greed; do not follow Satan’s path;
Know, a day will come he will be judging you for this deed.
Your greed will say: “Bit him up, what a pleasure!”
Your soul will say: “Oh, no, stop, the Lord is there!”
You might not see him, but he is keeping his eye on you,
So please, be ashamed, be afraid to continue this deed.
One road leads you to a sin, the other to a blessing.
You will be asked to give an answer on the Day of Judgment,
He who has good deeds will be appreciated; whereas the wrongful one will be tortured.
There is no doubt, remember, always remember this deed.
Your life is a one-hour spring passing by,
What will happen if you saw God during this spring?
Good deeds will bring about happiness, whereas misdeeds will bring only shame,
Don’t take responsibility for this deed.
Do not keep your head up to the sky and your chest to the wind,
Do not let your soul get frightened a bit,
Do not utter a word which is not yet in your heart,
Let the ear of your will hear about this deed.
You are a temporary guest in this world; you will firmly perform deeds,
How long will you stay in this world?
Whatever you do in this world you will have to make an answer for,
Your deeds and wrongdoings will all be counted.
Satan will say: “What a joyful deed, do it with no hesitation!”
The Merciful will say: “Put an end to this intention for greed.”
Magtymguly says: “Get up and put your hands on the burning coals;
If you can tolerate that, then go, do this deed.”
Magtymguly Pyragy

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