The Way To Make Friends By Edgar Albert Guest

The Way To Make Friends

THE way to make friends is as easy
As breathing the fresh morning air;
It isn’t an art to be studied
Alone by the men who can spare
The time from their every day labors,
To ponder on classical lore,
It never is taught in a college
And it isn’t a trick or a chore.

The way to make friends is to be one,
To smile at the stranger you meet,
To think cheerful thoughts and to speak them
Aloud to the people you greet.
To hold your hand out to a brother,
And cheerfully say: ‘Howdy-do,’
In a way that he’ll know that you mean it,
That’s all that’s expected of you.

Be honest in all of your dealings,
Be true to your word and your home,
And you will make friends, never doubt it,
Wherever you happen to roam.
Condemn not the brother who falters,
Nor fawn on the rich and the great.
Speak kindly to all who approach you,
And give up all whining at fate.


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