The Trace Is Found – Magtymguly Pyragy

The Trace Is Found
I lost all hopes thinking that Abdullah is gone for good,
But merchants came and brought me back my hope,
Seeking to meet him I wandered the hills like Mejnun,
All in vain, my sad heart was full of despair.
My empty thoughts were filled with sorrow,
My eyes closed, my brows became heavy.
My fellow friends who used to recite the Quran,
Forgot how to pray in search of wealth.
I lost my stature, what should I do?
My clothes faded and there was no way to kill my thirst,
Tell me what brought me to this life of Mejnun,
Stranded away from my people and my land.
My fate has set me on fire.
Striving to burn the sparks of beauty on my face,
All I had turned into ashes in my efforts
To erect a fortress, because of Satan’s victory over me.
The waiting birds were almost choked in a cage;
Horses are bursting and jumping into action.
Getting lost I found myself in the street of love;
Convoys came, putting an end to my zeal.
Magtymguly, all those who came to greet me,
Passed by on their horses,
My fellows all headed for pilgrimage to Medina,
Leaving me all by myself, apart from my friends.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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