The Soul Never Dies – Magtymguly Pyragy

The Soul Never Dies
The tongue is alive thanks to the order of the Lord,
Though the eyes are closed, the soul never dies.
Belief is a new flower in the garden of the soul,
Once blossomed, it will never fade away.
The state of health is better than any treat,
The blessing of God is better than any service,
If the fate of death comes directly after you,
Pleading a thousand times won’t keep your soul.
Young men, listen to my words,
Put an end to your hopes of world friendship,
Whatever part of love and desire is bigger,
It won’t leave you at peace days and nights.
Oh, son of Adam, you are born to leave this world,
You realize there is a place for you to sleep,
You will try your best to have your own world.
But probably, you aren’t smart enough to realize this dream.
Hey, a man of high dignity enjoying the world‘s wealth,
I’m a poor man, I can’t speak a lot,
This market is where the world‘s fate is such a skilfull gambler,
That a human being is not capable of winning it.
The body is satisfied with food and drink,
Wheareas a sweet word is surprisingly pleasant to the ears of the soul,
The soul will have no good advice,
Likewise water reaching the rocky stone, it won’t do any good.
Magtymguly, youthful time is like spring,
For healthy people it looks like a pleasant talk and music,
Joyful days will seem not enough, though lasting for a hundred years.
Whereas bad days will never come to end, though not many.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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