The Pre-Adamite World By Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

The Pre-Adamite World

Who shall declare the glory of the World,
The natural World before Man’s form was seen?
Fair stainless planet through the heavens hurled,
And clothed in garments of immortal green!
What depths of forest girt her! What serene
Pastures were hers for cattle numberless
Owning no lord save her, their guileless queen,
Dear Nature’s self who ruled them but to bless!
If there was war in Heaven, peace reigned on Earth.
Not by disease did the world’s life grow tame,
But by the hand of God, in drought or dearth
Or sudden palsy when the lion came.
Death! who should fear him or his mercy sue,
Whose last pang was the first each creature knew?

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